New bathroom amenities made for La Villa by Fragonard

On your next stay, you will find a complete set of new bathroom amenities made for La Villa by Fragonard

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  • Are you looking for your honeymoon destination? The hotel La Villa Saint Germain is welcoming you to the city if love!
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Breakfast-to-go available now !

  • If you are in rush, trying to catch the first flight in the morning, think about our breakfast-to-go to start the day. The hotel La Villa Saint Germain offers a delicate alternative composed of a coffee, an orange juice, one croissant and one pain au chocolat. For more information, ask the reception, we will be more than pleased to help you.
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Come discover the new exhibition at the Louvre Museum !

The do not miss exhibition from the 22nd of February until the 22nd of May 2017 !

  • An awaited exhibition is coming to the Louvre cooperatively with the Irirsh National Gallery and the National Gallery of Art of Washington. This exhibition allow visitors to understand how Vermeer and the painters from this time were fighting one against each other to picture the best scenes with elegance. Don’t miss this unique exhibition which links the relations between the painters from the 1650-1675 era and allow to show Vermeer work like it has never been done. Twelve canvas of Vemeer have been gathered for the first time in Paris from 1966 and it enables to explore the network that he maintained with the painters from this time.
  • Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting available at the Louvre Museum from the 22nd of February until the 22nd of May 2017.
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European Heritage days 17-18th of September 2016

  • The time of one week-end, enjoy in Paris, the European heritage days that will allow you to discover the Parisian site for free. The culture and communication minister launched 30 year ago this week-end that allow the public to enjoy the cultural wealth of Paris.
  • Within Saint Germain des prés district, we offer you the discovery of several monuments and essentials during these days:
  • • The Mazarine library is the oldest public library of France and takes its roots from the Mazarin cardinal’s collections in the XVII century. Then it has been developed by Gabriel Naudé which made of it the most provided library in Europe. It is now a real setting for the passionated of study or research which can enjoy the beauty of the site.
  • Official website: Address: 23, quai de conti 75006 Paris
  • • The church of the Helpers of the Holy souls was built from 1873 until 1876 and then renovated in 2002. You could discover this church from a neo-byzantin style with its dome covered with tiles of different colors. The visits can be made on Sunday 18th of September and you could assist to a concert from 4pm to 5:30pm within the church. The opening of this church is really exceptional for this particular event.
  • Address: 14 Rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, 75006 Paris
  • • The Odeon theater was inaugurated in 1782 by Marie-Antoinette and became “the French theater “. He has then be renouned “Theater of the Nation” to take finally the name of the Odeon Theater which came form the name “odeum” which means room of music, of singing. During the week-end, the theater will open up its doors to the public, don’t miss this !
  • Official site : Address: Place de l'Odéon, 75006 Paris
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La Villa Saint Germain – Zimmerdetails


The choice of teas widens at the Bar of La Villa.

Discover our range of teas, classic and moose, hot or cold beverage and even revisit in a cocktail by our barman!

A few examples to tease you:

  • • Black tea with bergamot for a classic Earl Grey (Darjeeling base )
  • • White tea from China with gentle Peppermint flavor
  • • Green tea from Japan delicately flavored with Japanese plum
  • • Oolong tea from Taiwan with a soft white peach fragrance
  • • Rooisbos and honeybush associated with ginger and lemon myrtle ...
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Come enjoy one of your choice between 10.00 a.m. and midnight, our bar is also open to non-residents 7 days a week.

See you soon in La Villa Saint Germain